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  • I Cried Today (Audio)

    I Cried Today
  • Black Motherhood: A Hood Like No Other

    You don't get to diss those mothers, yet start clapping on the basketball courts for the children they raised, while working countless jobs and dealing with school boards that were already calling their children nuisances. You just don't. This makes no sense. 
  • Apologies Fathers Do Not Receive

    ...I could not bring myself to begin praising these kings, without acknowledging the fact that there is a lot of harm done to fatherhood, and let's not forget black fatherhood, that needs to be rectified by admitting our faults, and then doing ''the work'' so that not only the children benefit from these interactions, but the fathers themselves can actually feel supported and loved as we say we love them.

  • Afro Haus - Fundraiser To Support Black Lives Matter & Anti-racism Initiatives

    It is with great joy that I am sharing that I will be a part of a fundraiser to raise funds for the following organizations, on Friday June 12, 2020:
    Know Your Rights Camp & Legal Defense Fund
  • Happy Mother's Day!

    Sending love to new mothers,
    especially under these difficult times.
    Being surrounded by sheer panic daily,
    yet having to find a balance of some kind,
    to navigate their steps in the early parts of an unforgettable journey.
  • Journal À La Safi - Season 1, Episode 2

    Hoodie Video.

    Thank you all for your support and I hope you are keeping well.

  • Journal À La Safi - Season 1, Episode 1

    Sooooooo pleased with the way this turned out. My logo design on my black hoodie. Whew, branding, yassssss!*insert congolese screams

    If you would like to purchase this cute hoodie, please click here.

    (For reference, I am 5''9, and I am wearing a LARGE size, unisex hoodie. There are many other colors to choose from, mine is black). 

    Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt - SAFI NAKIHIMBA Rose Gold Logo (2020)

  • You Marked Me

    The way your body was sculpted, I swear to God
    I swear to myself, ‘cause I am a Goddess
    You left me speechless
    You took the words right out of my mouth
    I could only scream, moan, pant
    Lost my breath
  • Flag Of My Own & YouTube Channel

    On February 29, 2020, I had the opportunity to share my poem: “Flag Of My Own” during the Black History Month Edition Vol. 4 Reckless Arts Showcase. This event was hosted by the wonderful Lamoi Simmonds.
  • He Took The Condom Off

    My hope is that survivors understand that when such an act takes place, no matter who did it, it is a grave violation of their sexual autonomy and dignity. If they choose to handle this legally, the law should support, protect and validate them, while putting out a clear message that this is NOT to be tolerated.
  • In. This. Moment.


    I’m slowly finding my spirit surrendering to the circumstances I can’t change.
    I am still finding ways to shift the way I process certain things, even if it looks like a waste of time/energy/money/hope.

    It’s not the kind of improvement I was looking for but this is what’s available right now. In. This. Moment.


  • Darkness Whipped Into Gold

    Like the darkness in my thoughts, I felt compelled to splash a little bit of dark acrylic paint unto the canvas panel which was already very colourful. The more I covered it, the better I felt.