Chapter 1: At what point would I be ready?


I've been asking myself this question so many times in the last few years... And while I've been making progress in some aspects of my life as a creative, I just couldn't quite see how I could "get there" if certain things weren't in place. Let's not even think about the many things that fell apart lately, because... Just wow!

I am, however, extremely excited to finally welcome you to my online parallel universe; MY SAFE PLACE, which will also connect you to me, in a sense.

While I will be selling my artwork online as well as other services as time progresses, you never know what could happen... We may even bump into each other at live art shows or in random places that stir my curious soul.


Safi Nakihimba laying down on the floor with her mixed media art pieces; 1 pose her eyes are open, the other her eyes are closed.

*Photo Credit: Mwami Nakihimba (2018)
*Photo Edit: Safi Nakihimba (2018)
*Fine Art Pieces: Safi Nakihimba 


All this to say, I'm growing and would like to grow with you. All the while, allowing certain parts of me to be accessible within reason, vulnerable as needed. Deepening my relationship with transparency within my own self, while simultaneously being protected, respected, with dashes of privacy and discretion added, when necessary.

For those who have encouraged me to do this for eons of years; your wish has come true; our wish. I am so thankful for the support I have and will continue to have with all of the upcoming projects I am undertaking. 

My time is now!

I am finally ready!

Everything else will follow, in due time!

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