Chapter: 2019, Now What?

Just because the year has changed, doesn't mean that you are magically becoming a new person... I love that a new year gives us the opportunity to have a brand new slate, however, sometimes I wonder if we delay some changes because we know that a new year is starting in a few weeks, or a few months... This is more of an observation, than a judgment.

So, it's 2019... Now, what? Well, I continue. I continue to do whatever was working before, and tweak things a little. I start what has not been started (within reason), and I purge what needs to disappear. However, I maintain this attitude (to the best of my ability), for the whole year. 

My birthday is coming up (on January 13), and while I am in no way shape or form excited (for reasons I refuse to get into, because, just wow). I have been accustomed for many years to merge (in a sense), the start of the year, with my own "start" around the time where many are already stopping some of the many resolutions, they had prepared in previous months, for the upcoming year... It's so interesting to watch because we can literally change all year long. We just have to be ready and then you add a few factors in (money, health factors, accessibility, social constructs and etc), and it's done.

I truly hope that we are collectively able to remember that we do not always need to wait for others or things to change first, for us to begin changes we already know we need and want. We can start whenever we deem necessary. Sometimes, one may not even be ready to change, so, at the very least starting to be aware of what needs to change is a great start. Let's be patient with ourselves, while also being very real and transparent about the whole picture and how we fit in it.


Safi Nakihimba hand holing brush used to paint artwork she created - 2017

*Photo Credit & Artist: Safi Nakihimba (2017)

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