Chapter 4: Falling and falling and falling

I'm sure a lot of you have seen these videos of people who are trying to walk on the slippery snow, or even on ice and then out of nowhere, these people fall. They fall but not immediately. They fall for almost a full minute, at times.


Safi Nakihimba photography by Lawrence Kerr Photography (2016)

*Photo Credit: Lawrence Kerr Photography (2016)
*Model & Creative Direction: Safi Nakihimba (2016)

While I know that we get up from our falls, no matter how many times we fall... The concern I am facing is the fact that I've yet to hit the floor, and this fall is lasting awfully longer than I can comprehend. How can I make any plans after the fall, when I have no idea how much more longer it will take for me to hit the floor?

This phase of being in limbo for an undetermined period of time, while still in pain and still living with expectations of having to get back up from the fall; regardless of the way I land... Being alert while this whole thing is taking place, is a special kind of hell, if you ask me. 

How much longer till I hit the floor? I am not even mad or worried about the fact that I am falling, I just want to touch the ground and know where my point of recalibration begins so I can move on with my life, till the next fall. 


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