Darkness Whipped Into Gold

*** Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised ***


Mixed media art by Safi Nakihimba (2019)
*Photo Credit: Safi Nakihimba (2019)


So, it's been a minute, and just like my life, I am reworking on a piece I had stopped working on back in 2017. For some reason, I could never put my finger on what else I would want to add to that nameless piece. 
The past little while, I have been trying to become more aware of the items I need to remove from my life, especially if they have no use. This is not limited to items, but I digress...


Like the darkness in my thoughts, I felt compelled to splash a little bit of dark acrylic paint unto the canvas panel which was already very colourful. The more I covered it, the better I felt. Ironically, it's the darkness in this piece that cheered me up, go figure... 
Missing my panpastels, I added a little but of gold as well as gold coloured acrylic paint. Layed a few pieces of gold flakes, to give it this wonderful, shiny touch and texture. So far, so good. I am really feeling the effect of this piece so far and it is exciting me more than its previous appearance.


For a while (more than I dare to say), I had been wondering what to do of this pink leather whip I had. I decided to repurpose it, and feature it into my current mixed media art piece. It looks so much better on this canvas than wherever it was before, laying and doing nothing at all. 


While this piece, just like me, is still a work in progress, I am just pleased that it is only when I began to accept that I needed to move on from whatever it was before, to covering it with real darkness that it began to look more to my liking even though in 2017, I had no idea that this is the vision I was headed for. 


It's funny how life works sometimes.
Guess, I just need to face the darkness...


Stay tuned for the progression of this wonderful piece.


Mixed media art piece featuring pink leather whip
*Photo Credit: Safi Nakihimba (2019)

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  • Your so talented. Keep up the amazing work.


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