Deep Red

I bleed with strength tonight

Even though I am losing drops of life

I am also rejuvenating

Coming back to life

Renewing my self-vows

As I let my body speak


Quietly, and discreetly

Reminding me of my strength

As a human woman


My self-worth intensifies

Every time I bleed and don't die

As if I purposely chose to defy

The laws concerning death


Red leaves me and I breathe

Red shakes me but I function, still

Red readies me, for the daily struggles

For the daily battles


Can you imagine crimson escaping your paradise every month?

Yet, society has the nerve to call you the weaker sex?

Do you get that?

Does it make any sense?


I used to curse red velvet's appearance

But now, oh, but now

It reminds me that I was chosen

On purpose

By something who loves me in the sky

To wear these varying shades of colors

For days on end

Once, every month

Knowing full well, that just enough could leave me

And I would still live

I would live, and not die


The inside of my thighs blushes every month

For so many reasons I may never comprehend

Yet, I am humble enough to understand 

That there is power in blood shed


My body self-sacrifices to self-preserve

As if to prepare me for things to come

To allow me some rest

That I may not succumb

To the many daily stresses


And not that it matters

But some even said

I should never wear red on my lips

Yet, they want to part the other pair

Forgetting full well that I bleed red over there

Yes, I bleed red, a deep red

So to that

I'll wear whatever Goddamn shade of red there is!

Fuck, I'll wear all the shades I've bled


Cherry stained, crimson

Red velvety, red wine

Taste my lips

I know this red

And will wear it till nature decides otherwise


I wear this color with pride

The Goddess in me makes no apologies

For any stains I leave

As I was only trying to bleed and not die


I could go on

But I have nothing to explain

I'm too busy bleeding

And coming back to life

What happens to you when you bleed?


*Published initially online December 24, 2014

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