Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Transparency & Passion by Safi Nakihimba (2020) Artist

Along with my very own mother,

I am very thankful for the wonderful

and amazing support I have received from women,

who also happen to be mothers...

 The true pillars in the family,
but also in the community.
Their hard work, tenacity and
endless dedication to those they raise,
and pretty much, anyone exposed to their energy...
May you be seen.
May you be reminded that
you are allowed to have more than one identity,
and it does't take away all of your motherly love.
You are already everything.
Sending love to those who entered that journey,
especially under very traumatic,
and extenuating circumstances
and yet find themselves excelling in a role
where a lot of fear of failure came into place.
Sending love to those who became mothers
but experienced losses no mother should ever have to go through.
Sending love to those who are mothers themselves,
yet, due to extremely complex,
or even traumatic events with their own mothers,
have a difficult time believing that
they are amazing mothers to their own children.
Sending love to new mothers,
especially under these difficult times.
Being surrounded by sheer panic daily,
yet having to find a balance of some kind,
to navigate their steps in the early parts of an unforgettable journey.
Sending love to you,
hoping you are supported,
appreciated more than just on days like today.
May you give yourselves the courage
to self-care your own selves
because that nurturing energy is also for you to experience.
May you feel as beautiful
as the experiences you provide,
on a daily basis.
We thank you for raising us,
loving us, leading us
and feeding our bellies,
as well as our minds.
We love you, moms!
On that note, feel free to enjoy this Mother's Day Sale,
still on till May 14, 2020 at midnight, EST. 
À La Safi.

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