He Took The Condom Off

*** Viewer Discretion Is Advised & Trigger Warning ***
Rape Culture, Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence 


So many things to say about this year, and some of those things will be addressed soon... From my surgery in September, to recovering, the list goes on. However, If I could bring your attention to the following, this would be great.


Please note that "He Took The Condom Off", a piece of mine created in 2018, will be featured at the WAAR Art Exhibit, on Friday December 6, 2019 at 6pm at the Nia Centre For The Arts. Many other great artists will be featured and I truly hope to see many of you there. This is an important conversation. This piece is dear to my heart for so many reasons, it is a great privilege to be a part of this event, facilitated by Black Women In Motion

 Safi Nakihimba He Took The Condom Off #StopStealthing

Here's a description of my work: "He Took The Condom Off"

Created to address the violent act of stealthing, aka non-consensual removal of a condom. The #StopStealthing hashtag was added because it really has to stop as its way more common than people realize.

In some cases, this act is a form of reproductive coercion. Some experts go as far as calling it rape or rape adjacent, although it’s most commonly referred to as a form of sexual assault.

My hope is that survivors understand that when such an act takes place, no matter who did it, it is a grave violation of their sexual autonomy and dignity. If they choose to handle this legally, the law should support, protect and validate them, while putting out a clear message that this is NOT to be tolerated.

To purchase tickets, please go to:


Thank you for your support, I will be there in person and I am looking forward to this very much needed art exhibition to take place.


À la Safi

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