Masterpiece: Named After Me

Wow, so I knew I would obviously be writing again about Kofi's Art (@kofi's_art) but now, this just takes the cake! He. Named. His. Masterpiece. After. Me. Moi. Safi. Nakihimba. Do you have any idea what this means to me as a person, but also as an artist? I don't think he understands the depth of what this act represents, especially as a black woman still building and establishing herself in this world.

I am still building my brand, and so it's an even greater honour to have a loved one, and a respected artist tell me, through this act, that he sees me. He sees me, and believes in me. I am not even fully ripe into all of the potential I imagine for myself yet, and so, to have been immortalized in this way, is such a statement in and of itself. This brings me back to why I say: I Trust In Kofi's Art. His art is always and continues to be bigger than him. He consistently lays all of his he(art) in his work; and it shows. Oh, it shows... 

The night he told me "her" name; I cried, and was shaken. I still am. It was so unexpected, and felt so surreal for me. Yet, to him, this title felt so natural. I am once again reminded time and time again, that it is OK to see greatness in my own reflection. It is also important to be surrounded by people in our lives who actually see us as we are; whether we are ready to see it for ourselves or not. 

This is not a simple compliment, this also reminds me of my choices of close kings (man-friends), in my life. No matter how I present myself, I always feel celebrated as a black woman when I look and experience Kofi's Art. There is an unspoken appreciation felt in the way women are displayed in his work. He normalizes women's abilities to assert their strengths the way they choose to, and that is truly powerful. This is the kind of power you feel, which is why I find his art to be so healing and transformative. 

I don't just see myself when I look at: Safi Nakihimba. I also see everything I am to become and all that I have overcome. I also see that I am backed up by a tribe who knows what I'm capable of. I'm more than enough in my current state. Like, damn!

I didn't know I didn't have to master the pieces in my life to be seen as I am: a masterpiece.

Thank you for seeing me in a world that would like me to be invisible when my existence makes "them" uncomfortable. 

Your vision is a gift, in more ways than you know...





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  • My pleasure sis❤️
    I’m just honored to be here for the journey.

    Kofi Frempong

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