I Trust In Kofi's Art

Last Friday I had the pleasure of experiencing Kofi's Art (@kofis_art) in the flesh. This event was curated by Felicia Christmas (@phillyholiday), with music provided by DJ Flex of all Trades (@flexofalltrades). I am especially pleased with how intimate the exhibit was, even more so with how comfortable myself and others felt enough to go about sharing in answers throughout the night.

Healing in Colour: An Interactive Art Exhibit, was truly that, both healing and interactive. Kofi's always full of surprises and even as a close admirer of his work, I always see or feel something new in relations to what he delivers and shares. I knew the event would be interactive, I just didn't realize by how much, and how much of it was actually needed. 

Guests entering the Hashtag Gallery (@hashtaggallery) had the opportunity to share in the blessing of painting the backdrop of a large canvas, everyone with their own style, myself included. I definitely touched the cadmium yellow, I had to. If you pay attention to colour patterns in Kofi's artwork, it is a very dominant colour that somehow always appears, even when least expected.  

So, imagine, all of this is happening, people are mingling, taking all of this in, snacking on snacks and then questions began to be asked, and answers began to be answered... Like, there were more answers than questions... I don't even know how, but somehow I managed to feel courageous enough to share a few things on my heart. I eventually found myself saying: I trust in Kofi's art... 

You had to be there, I am so thankful I was, and I hope to share more of these moments with you all. While I am growing, I find it extremely important to surround myself with beings who feel like "home", Kofi's art does that for me. I am pretty sure I will speak more about his work and him as a person over time, as he is an integral part of my life as an artist, but also as a loved one.

You can still make your way through, to go see his pieces in person, which I feel, are the best way to experience his work, his he(art) and everything. You have till March 3, 2019 to head on to the Hashtag Gallery. It's definitely worth the journey. 


*Photo Credit: Kofi Frempong (@kofis_art) (2019)


*Photo Credit: Jjthedreamer (@jjthedreamer) (2019)

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