You Marked Me

Darkness Whipped Into Gold by Safi Nakihimba (2019)


*** Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised ***


I almost didn’t want to wash my body
I wanted every drop of your DNA to remain on my melanin
I wanted the markings that your lips left on this skin to remain
Stains, proof and evidence that you tasted me
Parts of me
All of me
You touched me
You listened to this body
You followed and lead me, simultaneously
You swallowed my tears like they were juice
You made me feel safe, desired and wanted
All at the same time
You made me wanna fuck you and ride you
Even though crimson was here
But, my trifling shyness would not let me bleed all over your beautiful shaft


Oh my God
You failed to warn me that your body was as beautiful
As that of your imaginative mind
The way your body was sculpted, I swear to God
I swear to myself, ‘cause I am a Goddess
You left me speechless
You took the words right out of my mouth
I could only scream, moan, pant
Lost my breath
No more oxygen
Don’t even care
Strangely enough
After you left
My lips were still throbbing
It was the strangest, most beautiful feeling ever to graze my nerves
The nerves in my full lips were mimicking the motions
Of yours on mine
My lips literally miss you
They miss your tongue
Because of your patience with my body
I discovered a new feature my body is able to create
Or maybe it’s a feature that was always there
You just found a way to activate it



We were just gonna watch mini documentaries
On all of that ayahuasca has to offer
But, you made yourself that, without knowing
My body is now sore from all of your energy
The memory of the sounds you made when you reached your bliss
After fully ensuring that I reached mine
Yes, I reached and you watched me, shamelessly
I shiver, still
Your strong muscular frame on top of all of mine
Your wet sweat, babe
So glad you are wet with pleasure, heat, excitement


My hole, body and spirit will be expecting you
Next time I see you
I will watch you again, watch me
And we shall make all that we understand to be love
And these other emotions that render use vulnerable but strong at the same time
And we shall do that, endlessly
Till we have become dehydrated
Till the birds wake up
Till seasons change
Till the sheets are damp with the expression of our exchanges of energy
Till we are unaware of our names
Till we speak all the languages we have ever spoken
Till voices are lost
Till we run out of condoms and lube
Till we pass out, fuck in our dreams and wake up again


You penetrated my mind and consciousness a long time ago
You have taught me so much about human connections
I connected with you as you did with me
I know more than ever that I cannot share passionate moments
Unless I have shared a deep spiritual, and emotional, as well as intellectual connection first
Only then can my flesh fully connect and merge with a man
I’ll fuck and love you later
Stay present



*Published initially online on January 3, 2016

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