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  • Deep Red

    Can you imagine crimson escaping your paradise every month?

    Yet, society has the nerve to call you the weaker sex?

  • Chapter: It's My Birthday!

    I just know I want to be there when I become everything I am supposed to be according to the vision created by the design of my very fragile mind.
  • Chapter: 2019, Now What?

    So, it's 2019... Now, what? Well, I continue. I continue to do whatever was working before, and tweak things a little. I start what has not been started (within reason), and I purge what needs to disappear. However, I maintain this attitude (to the best of my ability), for the whole year. 
  • Chapter 4: Falling and falling and falling

    Every time it looks like they are finally going to hit the floor or more snow, they somehow grab a hold of something to preserve their balance for a mere seconds, only for it to happen again until gravity wins. 
  • Chapter 3: This is where I stand

    This is where I stand. I am drowning, but if I don't swim or at least try, my story will end and "they" will tarnish it by saying that I did not even try... 
  • Chapter 2: Saving myself through my art

    The foundation of all of the many loves I have and share can be found in my words, my intimate relationship with writing and the necessary silences or periods in between, literally.


  • Chapter 1: At what point would I be ready?

    While I will be selling my artwork online as well as other services as time progresses, you never know what could happen... We may even bump into each other at live art shows or in random places that stir my curious soul.